Child wishing for
their parent's permanent happiness.


PLUS HEART wish is to connect both two feelings and make a smile.

Parent's gratitude for
their child.

Providing nursing care product that is easy to use for beginners,
safe, comfortable and also convenient.

The puzzle of those who have just started nursing care.The difficulty of those who have been nursing for a long time.Plus heart was born with the aim of helping such every day nursing care.

About Plus Heart

PLUS HEART / プラスハート

What is the concept of
Plus heart brand?

Plus heart is the brand of nursing care
product which connect both consideration
of caregiver and care receiver

I wish to care my dearest parents as much as possible.
I'm sorry to have my child take care.

Nursing care starts suddenly one day and how long it will last.
There is so much difficulty that cannot be expressed in words alone
in the days of nursing care.
Due to the consideration for one another, sometimes parents and their children were gradually growing apart.

If Plus heart can be of any help to them through nursing care product.
Plus heart was born from such a wish.

Safety Comfortable Convenience Safety Comfortable Convenience

To fulfill this wish, we are developing products that focus on three plus elements: safety, comfort, and convenience.

4 commitments

1 Design

Design that fits in life
and convenience

Nursing care products are "living items" in their daily lives for those who use it. Just like choosing comfortable clothes naturally from the closet, we aimed for something easy to take at hand and also does not insist when put it them in room.

For those reasons, we are thoroughly particular about color, shape, pattern, material, touch texture for the product and also character size, etc.Not only for design packages that match into everyday life but also we were particular in convenience too.

2 Development

Producting from the viewpoint
of caregiver

What we value when developing a product is that we are at the perspective of those who actually use it. "Do you really want to use this product when you become a caregiver or who is cared for?"

While incorporating the opinions of professionals who provide nursing care, we are working on creating products that can solve the mental, physical and financial burden that are generated during nursing care.

3 Evidence

Products based on
reliable data

We have been facing medical and nursing sites for over 80 years since our founding.Utilizing the knowledge and skills obtained from many years of experience, we are developing products based on reliable data and evidence.

We will continue to create something that is easier to use, reflecting new opinions born on site, regardless of the stereotypes of nursing care product.

4 Global

Plus heart products to
all over the world

Our goal is to spread the thought of Plus heart that is "increassing the number of nursing care product in the worldthat can be used without stress."

A matter of course to create safe and easy product to use, but also to respond foreign caregivers who are increasing towards in the future and demand from the request of overseas, package are described in English as well as Japanese.We paid attention to details about simple and easy -to -understand instructions and illustrations, and add detailed ingenuity so that people in various countries can use it safely.

Thoughts On The Logo

Child feeling's for their parent's
permanent hapiness.

Parents' feelings of gratitude
for their own child.

Child feeling's for their parent's
permanent hapiness.

Parents' feelings of gratitude
for their own child.

We are wishing lots of smiles on the site of nursing care.
Because at the root of this is the affection of parents and their children.

Caregiver and care receiver.
Plus heart connects the both consideration.

Parents Love Us Smile In Plus heart logo,we expressed a strong wish of us PLUS HEART プラスハート Parents Love Us Smile In Plus heart logo,we expressed a strong wish of us PLUS HEART プラスハート

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